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(1 of ) Scott Murray shown in a screen grab in conversation with Daedalus Howell with CMedia Labs. (YOUTUBE) Defense attorney drops campaign for district attorney after meeting with Jill Ravitch THE PRESS DEMOCRAT | March 28, 2018, 5:19PM Defense attorney Scott Murray, the only person challenging two-term Sonoma County District Attorney Jill Ravitch, announced Wednesday afternoon that he was suspending his campaign for the office. Murray, 60, of Santa Rosa said he made his decision after having lunch with Ravitch and discussing issues that prompted him to run against her in the June 5 election. The meeting was “frank” and “cordial,” he said. Former radio DJ, defense attorney to seek DA job Murray, a criminal defense attorney who has worked in juvenile court for the past five years, said in a statement that he and Ravitch discussed the need to consider “all aspects of the juvenile when evaluating serious cases.” He said they also discussed how young adults involved in the criminal justice system could be “subjected to life-destroying consequences” before their brains fully reach maturity. “Ms. Ravitch and I agreed that experienced prosecutors need to look at the individual with regard to background, mental health issues and opportunities for rehabilitation, in addition to the circumstances of the offense,” Murray wrote. Ravitch said Wednesday that her lunch meeting with Murray, at Lita’s Cafe in Santa Rosa, was pleasant and that she appreciated Murray “taking the time” to talk to her about issues that were important to him. Ravitch said she did not try to discourage him from running. “I have great respect for Scott Murray,” Ravitch said. “I share his concerns, because its essential that we address issues with our youth appropriately.” In his statement, Murray said he would cease all campaign fundraising and cancel all election forums and debates. His name, however, will remain on the ballot. You can reach Staff Writer Martin Espinoza at 707-521-5213 or

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